Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UK Launch of Numis Network in 2 days

Hello reader:

I noticed you haven't joined us in Numis Network yet. May I give
you a fair warning. Numis Pre-Launches in the UK in TWO DAYS!

The company is already growing at record breaking pace... and
when you open a new country... you DEFINITELY want to be in
before it happens.

You can get enrolled here before anyone in the UK does. The
spillover from these new members has an incredible potential
for you.


As if that isn't enough... here's a whole host of other incredible reasons:

* Everybody WANTS & NEEDS more of this product.
NOBODY has enough now.

* Our products are Tangible ASSETS. (Historically, these have
grown in value over the years.)

* NEVER been sold through Networking before. We have the
'First Mover' Advantage in this HUGE worldwide market.

* No Sales Demo or Testimonials are needed. The value of
our products is obvious to everyone.

* MASSIVE INCOMES can be yours with this simple, but
powerful business.

* You can be financially rewarded, just by participating... even
if you never enrolled a single rep.

* Proven, system-driven business. Just plug into our systems.

* You are here at the beginning! NEWLY LAUNCHED.
(Grand Opening was August 15, 2009)

* Company is founded by absolute 'Superstars'. Founders are
visionary leaders with strong, ethical track records of success.

* NOT another 'start-up'. Founders have built back office systems for
hundreds of other direct sales companies, and have now opened their own.

* Industry Insiders have called our Compensation Plan
"The RICHEST PAY PLAN" they've ever seen!

* Top Industry Leaders are already getting positioned. Get in
now, before they do...


Dr. Nick Neagle

P.S. We have been "teasing" people in the UK for about a month
now. They are chomping at the bit to get enrolled. It will be a
complete frenzy on Sept. 1st when they finally get the chance.
Please beat them in.


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