Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doing things backwards

When I first started in mlm I got led astray from the basics in trying to learn and do too many things at one time. I sort of forgot the very simple basics of just asking a few people a day to take a look at a presentation to help them make money. I had not taken the time to fully explore all of the tools that were provided for free in my own back office of my own company! In addition I was also given an audio CD which I did not listen to for 2 weeks and I found that I should have just started there in the first place. In trying to jump on the online bandwagon to learn that part of the business I passed over a lot of very valuable content that was already at my fingertips. For all of you beginners out there, slow down a little bit and take it a baby step at a time and then it all starts to fall together. Hope this helps someone.

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